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Vietnam Travel Update (May 2022)

ABROADER May 02, 2022 3 minute read

After the full reopen in March 2022, Vietnam has now been removed from U.S. CDC’s “Do Not Travel” list and is on the way of lifting medical declaration for foreign entrants.

U.S. CDC lifts COVID “Do Not Travel” recommendations on 90 countries, including Vietnam

On April 18, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dropped its “Do Not Travel” recommendations for 90 international destinations. This includes the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Uruguay and Vietnam, etc.

The recommendations was dropped from “Level 4” to “Level 3: High”, thus fully removed all former Level 4 countries and left approximately 10% of all travel advisories at Level 4, but still discourages travel by unvaccinated citizens. At the same time, the Level 4 was renamed “Special Circumstances/Do Not Travel”, and will be reserved “for special circumstances, such as rapidly escalating case trajectory or extremely high case counts.”

The CDC hopes that “the updated framework will help U.S. citizens make better informed decisions about the safety of international travel.” However, the pre-departure COVID requirements for international tourists remains the same, despite the complaints from airlines, experts and other travel groups. Upon entry to the U.S., fully-vaccinated travellers still need to provide a negative COVID test certificate (within 24 hours) or a COVID recovery certificate (within 90 days), with an exception of children under 2 years old.

Vietnam removes medical declaration for foreign entrants

From April 27, Vietnam officially lifts the medical declaration requirements for all foreign entrants as the number of COVID infections and deaths in the world continues to drop. Thus, travellers now only need to provide a negative COVID test certificate before departing, either via PCR or rapid testing method. However, despite this change, localities must still continue to monitor entrants, especially at the borders.

Besides, the medical declaration requirements for domestic travelling would also be removed soon, even though the timeline has yet to be announced. Previously, people have to comply with the 5K protocol, which include wearing masks (Khau trang), disinfecting frequently (Khu khuan), maintaining distance (Khoang cach), avoiding crowds (Khong tu tap) and making health declarations (Khai bao y te).

While these messages have become a norm for all Vietnamese, the reduction of COVID cases and the reopening of many businesses after the COVID wave have prompted the authorities to adjust the policies. HCMC has fully restarted economic activities from the beginning of the year, whereas Hanoi has also allowed karaokes, bars, massage venues and gaming centres to reopen from April 8.

With the ease of COVID procedures like mentioned above, it has been more exciting for us to welcome students from Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania this Summer.

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