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Why host foreign interns


We help you connect with Global talents

For 6 years of operation in Vietnam from the North (Ha Noi) to the South (Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon), ABROADER has been a trusted partner to more than 150 organizations and companies, helping them find talented and ambitious international student interns that fit their needs and culture. All of our partners pay absolutely NO COST for ABROADER’s help  in recruiting these international talents from respected universities worldwide. Generally, we will find, screen and assess candidates to pick out ones that best fit your organization’s expectations. After our part, you will interview and decide which candidate suits you best. If you are still deliberating whether to take our offer. Here are some other benefits to hosting an international student with the help of ABROADER.


Host organization

"The interns helped our team to communicate cross-culture better as we had many chances to speak English with them and together with other colleagues. Moreover, it was an intense period with many businesses and things to be done, the interns shared the workload efficiently. We highly appreciate the efforts of these awesome students who were just launching their career. We also think highly of ABROADER's work for providing us the fitting individuals that really contributed to our company's growth.”

KMS Technology ABROADER’s Partner Host Organization


Since the world is becoming increasingly globalized now,  you will need to connect with customers and partners from various backgrounds to drive your company’s growth beyond its potential. This is why you need internationalization, both internally and externally to keep you up-to-date with the world and be able to do more at a larger scale.  Bringing international human resources onboard, including international interns is a smart strategy to help you achieve this goal. Many companies have thus chosen to employ full-time or freelance expats for their native views on the markets at their home countries which are now targets of the companies that hire them. Their different styles of work also help create a fresh environment to the business. Lastly international employees can offer  highly creative ideas that would improve your business process. Despite the benefits of hiring international employees, many companies choose not to do so because of the difficult and costly hiring process. This is where ABROADER can give your company a hand through our International Internship Program by providing you access to global talents in a more cost-effective way. Let’s have an in-depth look at the benefits of hosting those global talents below.

It's more beneficial than you think:

  • ZERO COST spent for any recruitment logistics provided by ABROADER
    Advertising, screening, picking, etc… Time is money. We do the advertising, screening, picking suitable candidates while you keep working on the project that is due next week, all the while paying nothing in the process.
  • A wider employee pool of diverse skill sets and abilities
    You can find talents with skill sets that are unpopular in the domestic market, or simply, you just have more choices.

  • Diversify your workplace with a more international working environment
    An American salesperson  is highly engaged and active,a Japanese designer is highly detail-oriented,  a Singaporean office administrator proficient at improving the team's performance making the workplace more dynamic and energetic.

  • Gaining new perspectives, ideas, and insights across-the-borders, hence an advantage against other non-internationalized competitors
    You could have more liberal and entrepreneurial solutions from a Westerner’s point of view to a Western problem.

  • Cost-effectiveness
    Gaining extra resources for your current projects at just a fraction of what you would pay to hire a full-time or freelance expat.

  • Staff empowerment and engagement
    Give your staff members an opportunity to step into a leadership role through being an intern’s supervisor. New talents can be spotted during the internship and those talents might become even more engaged with the organization after the internship.


As the first and only local-born company in this field and one of the leading providers of internships in Vietnam, ABROADER is confident to make the process as smooth and beneficial as possible for both you - the host organization and the intern. In brief, we recruit, shortlist and introduce the candidates to you. You review, interview and pick who is the best fit. The whole process is really that simple. Additionally, our experience of placing international students from respected universities around the world at 150+ organizations of various sizes in numerous industries and locations across Vietnam allows us to understand your needs deeply, handle your concerns professionally and present you the best candidate(s). We are truly committed to providing you with qualified and motivated interns at no cost. Our program policy is clear, thorough and centered around the benefits and requirements for all parties involved. You - the host, takes care of the intern’s work. The intern focuses on the internship with you. Anything outside of work hours and related to the intern is of ABROADER’s responsibility.

Check out to learn about how much host organizations have enjoyed working with us and our interns.

What could you expect from our interns?

  • Entrepreneurial: Our interns work with us because they  have a thirst for creativity and innovation which undoubtedly are crucial in building their future career. An internship with your company would help them sharpen those skills as they transit from their class’s table discussions to your company’s brainstorming sessions. Our interns are all in for the working experience at your company!

  • Hardworking: Just as they are focused on their working experience, our interns also look for ways to gain the best outcomes for their education as most of them go overseas for an international internship as part of their course in university.

  • Global Citizen: The students going abroad had months of preparing both mentally and physically for their trip abroad, and most of them will arrive at your company with an open-to-new-things mentality. Moreover, they will be readily able to integrate with your company’s culture and their local life as we will prepare them thoroughly before the internship starts.

  • Ideas-ridden and willing to collaborate: These young men and women are looking for ways to contribute their ideas and energy to help your company reach your goals. They are ready with fresh and creative ideas that they hope you can hear them out. They also look for ways to develop themselves through your supervision and mentorship.

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Brian Tieu delivered above and beyond and really took steps to show his proactive initiative and desire to learn and absorb as much out of this experience as possible. He was really dependable and delivered under pressure which is essential in communications!

WWF Vietnam

Communiations Internship Host ,Ha Noi, Vietnam

Lily is a Marketing Intern at HG Holdings. She knows what to do and she can work with the team very well. We appreciate her enthusiasm and interest in making the work smoothly. Her biggest strengths are her positive nature and openness to learn. She has good editorial skills in all communications related areas. Lily contributes with her work to the company and brought an interesting and refreshing cultural aspect to the team.


Marketing Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

The students helped us set up our library and a digital management system. Previously we had received more than 10,000 books in donations previously but were not able to have people come over to read since we did not have a system to manage. For 8 weeks, the students sorted through our books, categorized them by genres, arranged them on their selves and set up an online system so that later on our staff can manage books easily. The sorting process is quite tiring, and I really admire them for their patience. We worked on different floors, but we can see students working through camera. A lot of time we saw them sitting in front of the computer and sorting through thousands of books and asked ourselves “How do they not get bored?” (laugh). But that is why we are thankful of students and their hard works. We sometimes tried to cheer them up, for example by treating them with bubble tea and fruits. In their last working week, we had our public’s grand opening for the public. We can now open our library officially. In the future, our plan is to have movie screenings and workshops for the public at the library where our students (who are people with disabilities and often lack chances to join social events) can be more socially confident and meet new friends outside of their circles.


Social Work Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

I was genuinely surprised on what students could do. Before the program I had my doubt on students, since previously I worked with some Vietnamese students and they did not really have any concrete results after their time here. Thus, I and Mr. Phuong were both blown away by the results of their works. After 8 weeks, they had completed 1 business pitch deck, 2 promotion videos, English translation of our website, 1 article to be featured in Hanoi’s heritage map book and started 3 business leads, including one with the U.S Embassy in Hanoi. We are very thankful for what they have done and hope they can continue working with Vun Art in other ways when they came back.


Social Work Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

We hosted 2 pharmacy polytechnic students from Singapore for 5 months. At first, we did not expect much since they are only year 3 but their performances surprisingly exceeded our expectations. Despite the differences in Vietnam’s medications types and labeling systems to what they were taught in Singapore, their proactiveness and work ethics were able to triumph. They became a major part in our Outpatient unit, performing Picking & Packing, Inventory Management, Transfer of Medications, Dispensing & Counselling. Later on, they also took part in our Inpatients Unit, helping with medications picking for inpatients, and Compounding Unit, helping compounders with materials distilling and equipment preparations. By the end, we were happy with our performances enough that we had them join in our group description discussions and counseling with foreign outpatients. We are confident that they will become good pharmacist in the future.

VinMec International Hospital

Pharmacy Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

Great effort by the staff to match the intern with our organization, along with helping the intern to get to know more about Vietnamese culture. I understand the limitation of online platform in implementing programs like this, so kudos to the team for the great transition.


LGBT Internship Host ,Ha Noi, Vietnam

It’s our pleasure to work with Maile and ABROADER; her internship in Vietnam did actually help us a lot. Being Maile’s internship supervisor while she’s working at VPHA, I was able to observe her proactive spirit in trying to complete her assignments perfectly while going out of her way to suggest improvements in our work. During her internship, a large number of comments and feedback was provided from Maile to help us improve our communication work; she also did a training session for VPHA’s staffs on developing communication, which we highly appreciated. Maile’s previous experience in communication and social media, her knowledge in Public Health Field also helped a lot with the work we planned for her: Project “Communication campaign about tobacco control using social network Facebook in Vietnam, 2015”, Vietnam Journal of Public Health Abstract and preparation for campaign for World No Tobacco Day and Vietnam No Tobacco Week in May 2017. The only thing I would suggest she can improve on is to learn to say “No” more often to avoid burden in work. We (the staff at VPHA) can also agree that her open-mindedness, strong enthusiasm in work, great voluntary spirit, willingness to learn and share contributed a lot to our work culture and has made it extremely easy for us to work and connect with her. We are extremely satisfied in cooperating with ABROADER and hope our collaboration would last and bring mutual benefits for us in future.


Public Health Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

The girl did the internship is still young and inexperienced, but she learned very fast. She took time to reflect on herself and managed to stay calm during crisis. We learned a lot about how to strengthen the program and help the students have a better experience. We also learned how to deal with cultural differences, as well as manage expectations. We got the chance to exchange different points of views and different working protocols. lso learned how to deal with cultural differences, as well as manage expectations. We got the chance to exchange different points of views and different working protocols.


Neurology Research Internship Host ,Long An Province, Vietnam

Sohei was appointed to develop dental clinic system at our company. We are totally impressed with his knowledge and employability skills involved in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, ability to work under pressure, etc. He is very confident, enthusiastic, and highly punctual, which is extremely appreciated. We hope that we could cooperate more with ABROADER in the future.


IT Internship Host ,HCMC, Vietnam

We hosted 1 bio-med student from Singapore for 5 months. Since our research areas are mostly high-level stem cell research, we normally recruited master or PhD students. Since Adriel is still an undergrad, at first there was a lack of background knowledge and we needed to give him a lot of additional readings. Adriel was very hard working, actively educating himself by taking online classes and seminars. By the second month, he was able to join our research works and conduct lab experiments by himself. By the end, he had contributed to 2 of our research projects on improving stem cell analysis technologies’ efficiency, co-authored 1 research paper and joined 1 national conference on stem cell. I am very happy with his results and can see that he can go far in the future. I encouraged him to study PhD in the UK in the program I did previously as he furthers his study in bio-med.


Biology Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam