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Toolkit Documents

For a safe and enjoyable journey in Vietnam

Health & Safety Resource

At ABROADER, we are dedicated to ensuring our participants’ health and safety when joining our programs. Since being established, we commit to the Standards of Good Practice by The Forum on Education Abroad when designing and operating educational programs. We take the responsibility of providing a safe study abroad experience including pre-departure to program locations, while they are abroad, and they are returning to their home country. To ensure the safety of our participants, ABROADER has been doing good practices including providing our participants Pre-departure Package with useful resources for health and safety as well as onboarding orientation. Our onsite staff are well-trained and committed to our company Code of Practice to best support our participants in Vietnam and put our participants’ health and safety as the first priority.

For more information about Health and Safety with ABROADER, read our Health & Safety document.

Additional Resources

For our potential partner agency and institutions, these documents listed below are useful resources to help with the process of approving ABROADER as a provider.

Code of Conduct

When deciding to enroll in ABROADER’s program, the intern agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct set out in this document.

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Code of Practice

When deciding to join ABROADER, all members of ABROADER agree to abide by the Code of Practice set out in this document.

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Terms & Conditions

This is a formal agreement between the intern and ABROADER. It aims to clearly spell out the roles and responsibilities of  parties involved.

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The documents have been developed by the ABROADER team based on our experience running the programs since established in 2014. The copyright of the resources belongs to ABROADER. You are welcome to use these resources as a reference and ABROADER bears no responsibility when you implement these documents directly to your programs. These resources are available publicly on our website to share our experiences and to seek recommendations for improving our resources and practices.

We appreciate you sending us your questions and feedback to partner@abroader.org