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Exploitation Modern Slavery Policy
(Appendix C)

Updated April 03, 2024

Table of Contents

Exploitation in this context means undermining or depriving a person of their liberty for commercial or personal gain and includes human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labor (including child labor), debt bondage, deceptive recruiting for labor or services, and sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment.


ABROADER’s Commitment to Combating Exploitation and Modern Slavery

  1. All representatives of ABROADER and its partners, stakeholders, and participants are committed to promoting awareness to identify any form of exploitation and agree to take appropriate actions should it occur. 
  2. If a member of staff or stakeholder identifies that exploitation is occurring, or there is a risk it may occur, in an activity associated with performing duties in relation to ABROADER or otherwise, they are obligated to promptly notify their reporting line or a member of the senior management team of ABROADER. To the extent it is within their control, all involved must take reasonable actions to address the exploitation or risk of exploitation.
  3. ABROADER commits to reviewing this policy with our stakeholders at regular intervals and affirming our commitment to it, whilst supporting others to follow best practices, raise awareness in the locations we operate, and encourage the implementation of similar policies within our network and beyond. 
  4. ABROADER provides training to all new employees on the values included in its wider ethical and value-based approach to experiential learning, including in relation to combatting exploitation and modern slavery, and requires acknowledgment of these values when all contracts and third-party agreements are signed.


Date Approved

September 29, 2023

Effective Date

September 29, 2023

Review Date

Summer 2024

Target Stakeholders

ABROADER Staff, Partners, Participants, Local Buddies, Prospective Participants, and their families

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