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Updated July 17, 2023

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Thank you so much for participating in the program, we can’t thank you enough for choosing Vietnam as an internship destination.

As a small request, we would be grateful if you spend 5 minutes and leave us a review of our program on Go Overseas. Here is a quick guide for you young travelers out there:

To leave a review for ABROADER on GoOverseas, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:

Click on this link to navigate directly to our Internships in Vietnam program listing: https://www.gooverseas.com/internships-abroad/vietnam/program/201298


Step 2:

Scroll down to “Program Reviews” and Click on the “Leave a Review” button.


Step 3:

Fill out the “Start your review” form, including your information, and click “Next step”.


Step 4:

Rate your overall experience with ABROADER on a scale of 1 to 5.

P/s: We would be delighted with a 5 stars review 🥳


Step 5:

Briefly describe your experience, including what you liked and didn’t like about the program.


Step 6:

Click on the “Submit” button.

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