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Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Internship in Vietnam

ABROADER December 04, 2022 6 minute read

Are you thinking about doing an internship in Vietnam? Great choice! But before that,  below are some questions you should ask yourself first! 

Make no mistake, choosing to study or intern abroad is a potentially life-changing decision that requires much preparation. At ABROADER, we want to help you by sharing our advice based on our experience with our alumni on what you can do before you officially embark on the journey of finding a study program or an internship in Vietnam. Below are some questions to ask yourself if you are considering study or internships in Vietnam. And feel free to talk with us about these too!

Andrew on his excursion to Mekong Delta (Spring 2022)

Why do I want to study or intern in Vietnam?

Yes, this first question is very tough! Do not worry if you have a brilliantly concise answer though. We have had successful students whose sole reason was to try something radically different from their regular university curriculum. And they ended up with even more things in their basket than they had ever expected. They made new friends from around the world and built a strong professional network in Vietnam. They gained practical experiences at work that assist their academics and pose great influences in their later career choices. Therefore, having a healthy sense of curiosity and adventure is something we encourage and nurture in each of our students.

Besides that, having a precise understanding of why you wish to study and intern abroad will be beneficial nonetheless. For university students, we know the development of a strong resume is crucial to get a job or entering a graduate program. If you can identify precise reasons you hope your trip to help you, then it is even better! For example, do you need experience working with a non-profit organization in a role interacting directly with people? Or do you need experience teaching English? In the long run, these questions will also help us a lot in the process of finding you a suitable internship placement, once we have a detailed list of what you expect. 

Keep in mind also that working abroad will not only be about fulfilling what you desire on your resume. It will also challenge your beliefs and introduce you to new ways of living, and probably expand your personal goals! Besides, it is also a way to explore yourself more and get over your FOMO.

Audrey working as a Mechanical Intern at VULCAN Augmetics (Summer 2022)

How will I pay for my trip abroad?

Now we get to one of the most common and also most difficult questions to answer. We understand that this question is likely to make it very stressful for prospective students. Therefore our best advice here is to suggest ways you can get help/aid with a budget for a study program/internship in Vietnam. And then give you a big picture of what the estimates for actual expenses would be.

So one of the first things to do before starting to plan your study program/internship in Vietnam is to find out whether or not you are eligible for any Financial aid from the university or local organization.

So after figuring out how to fund your trip, you should have an idea of how big of a budget will you have to spend during your study program/internship in Vietnam.


The biggest costs are plane tickets and housing. You will benefit from preparing early in order to get the cheapest plane tickets. In each country, there is a budget airline(s) that sells these cheaper-priced tickets. For example, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines offer the lowest prices departing from the U.S. to Vietnam.

As for housing, there are three general types: hotels, apartments, and homestays. Staying in a hotel is usual for large study abroad groups staying for a shorter time period, and the costs are included in the program fees. If you are planning to do an internship or are studying for a longer time period, the other two options are more likely. Homestays are less expensive, and also a better option for students who want to immerse themselves in the family culture of Vietnam and feel less homesick. Homestay costs range around $200-$400 per month.

For students who are prepared to take on grown-up responsibilities and wish to stay in an apartment, monthly costs range from $300 to $500 USD. The price ranges differently in less popular areas and where you live may probably also depend on your workplace, however, the more popular tourist areas make it easier for you to navigate around as shop-owners there do speak English and facilities are designed to cater to internationals more.

All in all, the earlier you prepare, the less you will have to pay! Some students have been able to use their salary from an internship to cover all their food and daily costs. If you still want more information about how to cover all the costs, feel free to contact us!

What life in Vietnam is like?

No matter how flexible and open-minded you are, you’re probably going to experience culture shock (they eat what?!). No amount of research is going to change that. However, it’s always good to go prepared. So that your time abroad can be spent exploring and enjoying instead of being unhappy and disappointed. Research the specific places you want to visit, and any festivals and events that happen during the time you’ll be there.

Moreover, learn as much as you can about the lifestyle and culture. Say, if Vietnam is more traditional than your home country, and you like to be in a more traditional city then Hanoi or Hoian may be suitable for you. Vice versa, if you are looking for a more dynamic, exciting city to live in then you may consider Ho Chi Minh City or Danang city. Expect that you will not be traveling around the city in cars or trains but will see many motorbikes. Learning about the culture would also help you better adapt and respect the differences while you are here. And you can try public transportation here, it will be such a different experience.

And finally, we have one final question: What do you want to know from us on how we can make your study or internship abroad experience amazing? Please contact us if you are interested in doing a study or an internship abroad in Vietnam – we cannot wait to meet you!

Customized internship and featured programs are always open for all of you. Apply now!

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