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A cost-free internship in Vietnam with Thanh Nguyen

ABROADER August 24, 2022 5 minute read

US $9000 was the total amount of scholarships that Thanh Nguyen – our Marketing Planner And Business Developer Intern at STEMax received this summer from different resources, which allows her to gain a cost-free internship in Vietnam. Listen to her story as a scholarship hunter!

One common thought of many university students is that you will need a lot of money to intern or study abroad. Acknowledging that fact, apart from ABROADER’s scholarships, we also accept scholarships from various external resources so that you can gain a cost-free internship in Vietnam. That’s how Thanh Nguyen – our intern this summer can successfully fulfill her internship. Therefore making her experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. Now let’s listen to her story as a scholarship hunter – Thanh Nguyen from the University of Kansas!

Meet Thanh Nguyen

Majoring in Business Administration, Thanh has stood a chance to become a Marketing Planner And Business Developer Intern at STEMax – A company that builds and develops STEM – STEAM programs in which learners are facilitated to develop maximum STEM skills and interdisciplinary knowledge with the guidance of enthusiastic scientists and experts. As she was doing this internship as part of her study abroad experience, she had the opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships, one of which is The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Thanh Nguyen with her boss at STEMax

About Gilman scholarship

The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a grant that supports students with limited budgets to study or intern abroad. Thereby they can gain skills critical to national security and economic competitiveness. This Scholarship Program is open to U.S. citizen undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide. The award amounts range from US$100 to US$5.000, which can cover a cost-free internship in Vietnam with ABROADER.

As Thanh mentioned, this application was quite hard and competitive to get due to the award coming from a nationally recognized private organization and its numerous requirements. You have to write 3 separate big essays with various serious topics and have other personal qualifications. For example, “what is the purpose of your internship?”, “How will you immerse yourself in the host country’s culture?” or “The promise to do a project afterward”. Also, a vouch from your academic or financial advisory department is needed. Regardless, it’s such a worth-it scholarship due to other benefits and you’d definitely check it out!

Besides, she also received another scholarship called the Freeman scholarship with an amount of US $5000. However, this scholarship only provides for one planning to study or intern in an Asian country. So if you match their requirement, you can try it out for a cost-free internship!

One important tip in writing your essays is to base it on your personal moving statement or your personal wants. Do not write on a neutral level but instead the one that can move your readers, that is something you can really touch and go for.

Apart from the aforementioned scholarships, there are still various chances for students to make it easier to study and intern abroad. Check it out via this link: https://abroader.org/scholarships-grants/

Thanh Nguyen with her friends and local buddies on Volunteer day

Her cost-free internship abroad experience

With the scholarship amount of US $4000 from Gilman and US $5000 from Freeman, she was covered for the whole 2-month internship in Vietnam with ABROADER and making it the most memorable internship ever. The main task in her internship was finding a marketing solution in Dalat – Vietnam. Because that is currently one of the biggest expansion projects the company is working on. 

At first, it was very daunting because as a business administration major, she was hoping more for a managing task. Also, she was stressed out about not having experience in Marketing. But after having gone through all this internship, Thanh had the chance to herself apply what she has studied at school to real tasks and projects. These enabled her to learn faster and more practical. 

Jumping on the internship, Thanh received huge support from her boss, from appreciated business tips to lessons on responsibilities and so on. “I would definitely say it has been a very beneficial way of learning whether it’s directly learning from my boss who gave me life advice or just my own self-time reflection as I’m doing the work to realize many things. It was such a process that I enjoyed because it was a fun challenge to accomplish.”

Besides, thanks to the support from scholarships, Thanh could travel and explore many must-go destinations in Vietnam such as Dalat, Phan Thiet…, and enjoy many signature dishes. All have contributed to her memorable journey in Vietnam!

Thanh Nguyen at STEMax

What to gain after this cost-free internship in Vietnam

An internship in Vietnam is a chance for her to decide on her final career path because she was sitting on the fence between pre-med and business at that time. With not only how the internship went but also all the knowledge on her own revealed to her that her work ethic and ideal lifestyle fit more of the business route. So the internship has helped her finalize her making career decision and that was a relief for her mental health.

And that is how Thanh Nguyen made her incredible summer journey here in Vietnam. We are waiting for you in Vietnam with various customized programs and scholarships available. Check it out below!

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