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Student experience

Blog | November 10, 2023

Exploring the Intersection of AI and Human Ingenuity: Tyler Vu’s Perspective

In this episode of PodSquad, Tyler Vu, a computer science major at Princeton University shared his different perspective on AI. Tyler Vu shares his point of view on AI applications in human daily life with Zcast.vn. He had a podcast talk on his last day of internship in Vietnam. In…
Blog | January 01, 2023

Getting the Best Deal in Vietnam: The Bargaining art

Are you looking for tips on how to get the best deals in Vietnam?…
Blog | December 27, 2022

A Vietnam’s traveling guide from a US intern | By Jasper

Through an internship, Jasper has created this travel guide for newcomers seeking to travel…
Before Vietnam | December 23, 2022

Getting started for your career in Vietnam

Discover how to get started on your career in Vietnam with our top 4…
Blog | December 23, 2022

Ways to Tackle Culture Shock while abroad

Studying abroad can feel like the world has flipped upside down. From not knowing…
Blog | December 17, 2022

Experience Coffee Culture during your Internship in Vietnam

When it comes to Vietnamese culture, we must shout out to our special coffee…
Before Vietnam | December 13, 2022

How to Integrate into Your Community during Your Internship in Vietnam.

How to enjoy your internship in Vietnam to the fullest? Follow us to know…
Before Vietnam | December 04, 2022

Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Internship in Vietnam

Are you thinking about doing an internship in Vietnam? Great choice! But before that,…
Blog | November 10, 2022

7 Things You Should not Miss while in Ho Chi Minh City

What are fascinating things waiting for you in Ho Chi Minh City? Follow us…
Blog | October 30, 2022

Internship for Physiotherapy in Vietnam – A travel healer’s journey

Marking a milestone in your physiotherapist career that provides you with great knowledge and…

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