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Giving cultural immersion and identity abroad a meaning

ABROADER September 24, 2022 5 minute read

Go to Vietnam for an internship where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and find your identity abroad. This blog can tell you!

Doing an internship abroad is not only for professional development but also the local cultural immersion, identity abroad, and networking! This Summer 2022, we had a blast with a massive group of international students from universities in the United States. We truly work hard to make the experience worth our spirit: TRAVEL TO LEARN!

Let’s turn back the clock and rewatch a lively Summer in Vietnam!

The Local Immersion

Every country shines with its own unique cultural beauty. One of our goals is to give you a sense of authentic Asian cultures when joining the internship in Vietnam. The local connection starts with having a supportive and friendly local buddy from day 1 to accompany you along the way. One of our friends Aimee has shared with us that “The team working at ABROADER is beyond exceptional. Each person was welcoming, friendly, and not at all judgmental when we spoke about our struggles and accomplishments. The local buddies and program manager were the supports I felt most satisfied with because I feel like if I had any problems or needed help, I was able to reach out to them for support.”

We welcome international friends and help them explore their surroundings. Then show them how to eat like a Vietnamese, go across the street in Vietnam, and so on. These are small but essential things to give foreigners a sense of LIVING LIKE LOCALS! And the very first thing is to explore the local market and try to purchase things in a Vietnamese way.

First time trying “bargaining”

City tour with local friends

Besides, if you want to make a better connection with local people and places around the city, the city tour will definitely help you. We had spent a long exciting day learning about the country’s history, landmarks, local market, and cuisine, and fostering friendships with friends from Vietnam and other people in the group. Look back on the whole memorable day in Hanoi in this video!

Exploring Mekong Delta & Halong Bay!

Mekong Delta & Ha Long Bay are the very signature destinations of our program where you can dive into the breathtaking and diverse Vietnam landscape from North to South. There, they had a chance to gaze over the beautiful, breathtaking landscapes, interact with the locals, and broaden their knowledge about the Vietnamese people and culture as well. Traveling on a floating market, making confectionery by hand, buying fruits on the boat, watching breathtaking landscapes…, you got this all at Mekong Delta. And I’m down on that you will never see anywhere else. Want to try on this special “boat tour” on the river, let’s go!

Having a good time with the host family!

Living and working far away from family in another country, you can still feel loved and cared for, belong to a family, a community, and have a place to call “home” thanks to the support from our host families. Living with a Vietnam family helped them understand another culture and also accept other cultures, their life, their language, and their way of thinking.

A warm birthday with the host family

Casual hangouts outside of work – Tay Ninh Camping Trip!

Sometimes you may feel stressed, lonely, and burned out about your work and study in an unfamiliar place. Don’t worry, we are always beside you and help ease your pressure. Just pack your luggage and get go! Going far away from the bustling city, we spent a weekend together camping and tightening our cross-border friendships. And Nal, our intern shared that trips like that have really enriched her experience in Vietnam.

Summer is short, just live your best every moment!

Identity Abroad

How can we help international students present their identity abroad when joining the internship in Vietnam?

Connecting with more local students through US Embassy events in Vietnam!

Internship abroad in Vietnam is not just about working at companies or organizations, it is also about sharing, and exchanging culture and ideas with local students! This Summer, international students connected with the U.S Embassy in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to make some insightful sharings. It was the chance that our interns could shine with their identity even when abroad and spread their experiences and knowledge to local friends. Students from Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern University made an informative presentation sharing about campus life and American Culture. It helped tremendously for Vietnamese students who endeavor to study abroad in the U.S!

Contributing to the local community on Volunteer Day!

Besides, our international students together with local buddies spent a day joining meaningful community work on volunteer day with IBD@NEU (National Economics University) and USSH Student Union (HCM City University of Social sciences and Humanities). On that day, while Hanoi team participated in planting activities and gift-giving at the hospital, Ho Chi Minh City team organized an exciting green day for children. With the view to not only raising environmental awareness but also love and care for both interns and local buddies, ABROADER hopes to connect and spread more and more events like that.

The whole summer is wrapped with joy and takeaways! Cross-border friendships are built and stories are brought home. Read more on our blog A Hustle Summer Internship in Vietnam! | ABROADER to watch the full Summer movie. Travel to learn with ABROADER!

Opportunities to Vietnam this year have not ended yet. The new program “Vietnam Tropica” is open for early birds now! Check it out!

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