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NGO Internship: Environmental Field In Vietnam

ABROADER February 17, 2022 4 minute read

Looking for NGO internship abroad opportunities? Let’s follow Ain, one of the best international students interning at a Vietnamese NGO, to know more about her journey. 

Looking for NGO internship abroad opportunities? Let’s follow Ain, one of the best international students interning at a Vietnamese NGO, to know more about her journey. Her internship at MCD – a leading NGO in the field of coastal and marine ecosystem conservation is such an amazing journey!

About MCD 

Centre for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development (MCD) was founded in 2003. At MCD, they recognize the independence of coastal communities and marine ecosystems. With a view to  ensuring the livelihoods and quality of life for local community, it is vital to protect coastal and marine life. Therefore, MCD aims at balancing marine life conservation and socio-economic growth. 

Ain’s internship abroad – Environment internship in Vietnam 

Onsite experience to get the best out of your environment internship in Vietnam 

As a project assistant, Ain joined in two plastic waste projects in Halong city and Nam Dinh province with MCD Environmental team during her internship in Vietnam. Regarding the objectives, the projects aim at improving waste management system and raising awareness on serious waste dump into the ocean. Due to the importance of onsite assessment, Ain had a chance to visit Nam Dinh province. During her field trip there, she did a desk review and conducted research on  a sustainable treatment of organic waste and non – recyclable waste.

With logical, systematic thinking and good backgrounds in environmental science, she proactively assisted her team with implementing researches and necessary documents. 

Adaptation of concepts in her NGO internship in Vietnam

Due to the differences in the nature of the environment between two countries, technical terms are applied differently. Therefore, Ain found it challenging in the first place since she worked with other Vietnamese staff.

However, Ain frankly shared that interns should keep a proactive attitude because everything at MCD was quite hands-off.

Additionally, Mrs. Chung, her colleagues, suggested researching on the company and work ethics in Vietnam before students start their internship in Vietnam.

Want to know more about How to work with Vietnamese people during internship abroad in Vietnam?

Sweet memories with colleagues that transcend language barriers 

Ain had unforgettable moments with her colleagues on Women’s Day Party in Vietnam. While everyone was talking in Vietnamese, she was confused and just nodding her head. Then it was surprising when the director welcomed her on stage and gave her a bunch of flowers. This was how we expressed our love, care, and thankfulness for having women on Earth.

For Ain, her internship in Vietnam has been full of discoveries and friendship moments. More importantly, an NGO internship brought her a sense of contribution to the local community and making Vietnam a better place to live.

Why choosing Vietnam to have an internship this summer? 

From the whirring sounds of engines of motorbikes to the smells of local street food and breathtaking scenery – Vietnam is a country of unique and intrinsic charms.

An internship abroad should be a combination of professional development, local immersion, and self-discoveries.

An internship in Vietnam with ABROADER would be a journey of a lifetime. It would be a life in a year that you would never forget what you’ve learned to immerse in local life and to prepare for your future career.

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